How We Work

Cinderella & Her Shoe was created in response to providing the events, theatre and film/tv industries access to authentically beautiful objects that tell a story through their own provenance. Our mission is to have a collection of interesting items that help support themes, elevate design and give a glimpse into bygone eras. We specialise in old objects, brought back to life in modern day situations. When browsing our props we want you to feel like you’re exploring an antique shop of hidden treasures. 

Cinderella & Her Shoe is the ultimate modern antique discovery experience.

Winston Churchill Themed Pop-Up Bar

We source our props from many different places, from antique shops, markets and a global network of suppliers. Each prop is chosen with strict criteria in mind, ensuring the quality of each item is as special as its history. We then list these objects on this website ready to be hired by you. 

We typically serve the live experiences arena, theatrical productions, film and television industries, but also work with private clients and wedding planners. We are proud of the quality of our service and for our unique position in being able to reintroduce disused, cast aside and forgotten objects to modern day designers.